Corporate Events

Successful corporate event photography requires more than artistry - it also requires good people skills. Having had many years' experience in the industry, we understand the special requirements for a corporate event and conference photographer and we have the skills you need to capture the "special moments" of your particular conference or event. We will take as much time as necessary to discuss and listen to your needs before the event to ensure we convey your intended message in our images. Once we have your brief, we work diligently and unobtrusively to capture the key moments of your conference or event and provide you with images for your web site, advertising, marketing and editorial.

Product Photography

The importance of showcasing your product or service through high-quality photography is just as important whether you’re placing an ad in a magazine or adding images to your website. Your photos need to highlight the product in what we like to call “hero shots”—images that highlight the unique details of your product and present it in the most appealing form possible. 
At Pixed IN, we ensure that your products will always stand out by taking crisp, high-resolution photos in our professional photography studio. With the perfect lighting and shot composition, your products will captivate potential customers and help convince them to make a purchase be it through your E-commerce web site, or Facebook shop, or your website.


Advertisement is a marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored,

non- personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea. Commercial ads often seek to generate increased consumption of their products or service through "branding" which associates a product name or its photograph or videography. AtPixed In, we ensure that your advertisement will be able to catch people attention by our professional photographers & videographers,by there shooting and editing technique.

Arial Documentary

Aerial documentary is an emerging form of data acquisition for scene understanding and object tracking. The video is captured by low flying aerial platforms that integrate Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and automated image processing to improve the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of data collection and reduction. Recorders can incorporate in-flight voice records from the cockpit intercom system. The addition of audio narration is an extremely valuable tool for documentation and communication. GPS data is incorporated with a text-captioning device on each video frame. Helicopter platforms enable "low and slow" flights, acquiring a continuous visual record without motion blur. pixed in having this service so that you take your location's aerial videos or photos. 



Team Pixed.In specializes in Corporate, social and Couple, Photography and Videography. We are a team of professional photographers and videographers.

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